the energizer bunny on weed…

My family has developed a pet name for Scott: The Energizer Bunny. I have never in my life known someone with as much energy as Scott. Truly! We all just stand in awe of him sometimes. He goes and goes and goes and goes – all day long. Knocks out one project; then is on to the next. Of course an addiction to coffee and Diet Coke have a little something to do with that, but that’s another story…

Scott pulled his moving truck into the front of our house on Monday night. He had spend the day packing the truck in Iowa, then jumped in the truck and drove it to Independence.

The next morning we got up and started in again. Scott and I unloaded some things that were staying at our house, but most of it was going into a storage unit. He called his buddy, Mike Coe, and the two of them unloaded the 25-ft truck into a 5×10 storage unit. It is PACKED in!! All of this, during the immense heat of the day yesterday. He got back to the house in the afternoon and decided the yard was just too bad to wait any longer. So he mowed the yard. Then, he fixed his weed-eater that hadn’t been working for a couple of years, and began some serious weed-eating of the yard. We have MANY projects to be completed around the yard; things that either have gotten out of hand (since he only drove here once a week since we moved in) and some things have just never been tackled since moving in last July.

So even though his work clothes were packed in boxes that I had yet to unpack, Scott went at the yard in a pair of shorts (do NOT try this at home) with a weedeater that doesn’t have a guard on it!

At one point, while working in a particularly bad part of our backyard, he came around front to where I was pulling weeds and watering plants and asked me to come around back – he had something to show me…..

See it?! I stood in the backyard laughing so hard and telling Scott what a complete and utter DORK he was – to which he just nodded in agreement, shrugging, with a silly grin on his face

He weed-eated a gigantic ‘G’ in our backyard!! -ha

Sloooooowlyyyyy, 2741 is looking more and more like Home

Taking off his socks at the end of the day made me laugh even harder

It’s really good to have him home!!!!

p.s. In the time that it took me to post this blog entry, Scott replaced the screen on the back door…..


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