Oh sure; ideally I would like to step out of my river market loft and walk down the street to the farmer’s market and grab some fresh fruit for a mid-morning snack. However, I’m usually relegated to 1) that real imitation fruit popsicle with freezer burn in my freezer or 2) the ‘fresh fruit’ (always a gamble) at my nearby grocery store.

So a few months ago I started buying bags of frozen fruit. It’s just a couple of dollars a bag and it’s guaranteed to not go bad in my refridgerator while my good intentions wane.

I empty the bags into a big bowl. Stir them up. Then immediately refreeze them in smaller containers.

At night, I remove one of the containers from the freezer and put it in the refridgerator section.

The next morning, I start eating the semi-frozen fruit for breakfast and am usually still snacking on it into lunch.

I get my fruit…
my fiber…
And nothing goes ‘soft’ or rotten in my fridge.

And deliciously fruity.

(Feeling the need to add: “Just like I like my men.” But I guess I’ll refrain…)


One thought on “(heart)2(heart)

  1. What a great idea! I am always throwing fruit out that goes bad ( I really dont just throw it out, I throw it out into the long grass for all the critters =)) I think I am going to use this idea. I also LOVE the green toaster…too cute! Oh and your “task folder” too…love it, like every other crafty thing you do! =)

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