Cake Boss, am I.

Last night, Joanne (Scott’s mother), Scott and I worked a wedding reception. We made good money, but EARNED EVERY CENT OF IT!!! WOW, that’s really hard work!!!

Joanne has been a cake decorator for years. YEARS! A niece of a friend of hers was getting married and asked her to do the cake. Then commented that they didn’t have a food server or bartender for the reception and wondered if Joanne knew of anyone.

“I’ll take care of it” was Joanne’s reply. So she called us and asked us if we would do it.

We walked into the reception area at 6pm and didn’t stop moving until almost 11pm.

And once again, I learned something new about Scott: he is a GREAT caterer!! Dang!…he was moving stuff and organizing stuff and even Joanne was asking him what should be done and how to do things.

Scott was fully in charge and knew exactly how to get things done. And fast.

Joanne set up the cake (I helped put on the ribbon) and then she did a really fabulous thing…

She turned to me and said, “You put the flowers on the cake (which were currently in a pile on the table), while I go help Scott in the kitchen.”


Seriously, that was the most fun I had all night! Who knew?! Made me want to be the next Cake Boss!!! I told Joanne on the way home that since she wasn’t on Facebook, I was going to tell everyone that I “totally made the whole cake!” This would work if it weren’t for my sister-in-law, Nancy, who would completely rat me out! -ha But I DID do the decorating of the cake – which I’ve never done before. (please be proud of me!)

Everyone was so nice! Very kind to us. The bride was beautiful and the reception was so pretty!!

You can barely see the beautiful bride’s face

And look at her GORGEOUS gown!! –

For those of you St. Paul’s readers out there: Did you know there is a company now that specializes in church gym wedding decor?! They came in and added black petitions around the gym and hung the lights. What a GREAT idea! And WHYYYY didn’t one of us think of that years ago?!!!!

If you look at the above photo, where I’m standing to take the picture is where the cake was cut (Joanne’s job). Directly in the other corner is where the bar was (Scott’s location) and where Scott and Joanne are in the picture is where I worked – the food table.

They ordered 30+ pizzas and wings and had a nacho fountain! -ha A very fun group!!

Now, Scott has the pretty typical story of drinking during his college days. And he worked for a local bar in Maryville during college. Thing is, he gave up drinking entirely a number of years ago – but as I watched him mix drinks…using both hands…grabbing various bottles…talking to the crowds in front of him (that never really died down all evening)…… I had to wonder if he wasn’t meant to be a bartender! He was fabulous at it!!!! A group of 20-something girls (that were particularly taken with the bartender…!), brought him up a tip jar which grew fuller and fuller as the night progressed. One guy told him he’d never seen a bartender in a bar work a crowd as quickly as Scott did.

People laughed when they told him about a new drink he’d never heard of telling him, “It’s good; you ought to try it!” To which he smiled and said, “Actually, I don’t drink.

The funniest part was when the best man got up to make his toast to the bride and groom and said, “Before I start, can we give it up for Scott the Bartender!!” – to which there was a huge applause!!!

I laughed pretty hard inside.
No thanks to the parents.
No thanks to any of us.
Just “Scott the Bartender”!! -ha.

All I could think of while people were clapping and cheering was earlier that day when I asked Scott about whether or not he knew the various names and combinations of drinks.

Know what he replied?:
“There’s an app for that.”

And that’s what he used for a study refresher: an app! Now here they were, applauding his ‘expertise’!!

It was a fun evening; but I haven’t worked this hard in a long while (also the 3-month anniversary of my heart attack!) But everyone was so nice and had so much fun.

Clearly, this wasn’t like most of the Nazarene weddings I’ve been to -ha

p.s. I was kind of crushing on the guy to the left of the screen in the short-sleeved white shirt.
He was having fun, getting his groove on
Impressing the girls
Then decides about half-way through…

he needed to stretch
pull up his pants

Then get back into the groove!

(poor quality I know…)


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