i am sooooo proud of this man!!

Okay; so by now you know I’m a big fan of one Scott A. Sutherland. I can’t tell you how often my kids or friends will look at me in bewilderment and say, “Is there ANYTHING he doesn’t know how to do?!”

Cause he’s just one of those guys.
For one thing, (probably most importantly) he will TRY anything. Or ask anything. He has a very “Why not?!!!!” attitude toward life.

So here’s his latest endeavor…

One night recently, while he was in a hotel in North Platte, Nebraska, waiting for a train back home – he sent me the following sketch

with a note that said, “I think I can do this.”

So he called his dad and asked if he was using that big empty chemical container he’s had in his barn for awhile. Scott’s dad said he could have it.

Add a little PVC piping…

And meet our sump pump pond

This spot is usually filled to overflowing with water!

Scott cut a hole in the top of the barrel to fit a pipe into. He drilled two holes in the side of the barrel for spickets – one for me to use for watering plants and one to connect a hose to for the garden in the backyard…

The hose runs 50 ft back to the garden and then divides into other hoses that lay in the garden rows. Scott punctured the hose in the spots where the plants are – when he turns on the faucet, the water comes out only where the plants are.

He spray painted the barrel & white piping brown and is going to add some green spray paint as well, so it’s not quite finished yet.


It rains outside.
Soaks into the ground around our house.
The sump pump pumps it up out of the ground and outside.
But now, the water goes directly into the piping Scott rigged at the output point in the yard (formerly known as our Sump Pump Pond)
Diverting the water straight into the rain barrel.
So when we need to water plants and/or the garden,
we turn the knobs and use the rainwater that God gave us to use – not the city’s expensive water!

I married a genius!

Dad watched him building it and when Scott was finished Dad said, “I think BP could really use you!”

The first rainstorm, Scott was out of town for work. But as soon as the lightning let up a bit, I ran out in the rain and tried pushing/moving the barrel.

I ran back inside and texted Scott: “It’s working! It’s working!! It’s full of water; I can’t even budge it!!!!!”

Yep; Scott can do anything!! 🙂

Sidenote: KC received an enormous amount of rainfall recently. When the barrel overflowed, Scott rigged another collapsible line from the sump pump pond to the street for overflow water with a turn off switch when it doesn’t need to be diverted. The line also can be rolled up and removed when it’s not needed.

Impressive, right?!…..


4 thoughts on “i am sooooo proud of this man!!

  1. Yep. We’re super impressed!!! I haven’t broken the bad news to Ciera though. How do you tell a two-year-old that her pond is gone? I think she’ll handle it ok. Growing up is hard to do.

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