As a person who works – primarily from a computer – all day, this was an important article to read:

In a recent national survey, researchers followed 8,800 adults, ages 25+ for 6.5 years and found that each hour subjects spent sitting and watching tv was associated with an 18% increase in death from heart disease.

Those that watched tv for 4 or more hours daily were 80% more likely to die of heart disease than those who watched 2 hours or less.

And this did NOT apply to just overweight people. Even at a healthy weight, sitting for hours can make it harder for the body to process blood sugar and blood fats (a chemical reaction that happens when our muscles contract when we stand or move.)

So break up your sitting. Take a walk or hey, go stand over by your co-workers cubicle and gossip for awhile!

Stand up when you talk on the phone.


(hope you are listening closely, Greta……)


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