March 19-25, 2010

7 days in the hospital.

Bill: $98,458.85.
Insurance paid for: $98,458.85
Amount owed: 0

To quote the insurance rep, “The case is closed and has already been archived.”

Scott kept laughing.
I sat shocked; tears brimming.

Nearly $100,000 in medical bills – paid for by insurance.

I was simultaneously overjoyed for myself and felt such a heavy burden for those that could never, ever be able to afford that amount of out-of-pocket expense. Then again, I doubt the non-insured would be staying at the hospital for a week while all the kinks were tested and determined to be okay……

Yes, I know there are those out there that have much higher medical bills.
But in the moment that we heard the news yesterday afternoon, $98,458.85 was the biggest financial blessing we could have received.

Thank you, Lord.

We were walking out the door last evening when Scott turned to me, smiled approvingly and said, “You look like a million bucks….er….$98,458.85!”

I am overwhelmed with gratitude. On so many levels……………


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