Omaha Zoo

This monkey CRACKED. US. UP…!!
(I like the way he takes deep breaths between each scream)

Decide for yourself the applicability of a tapir and our favorite short, bristly mane =


What a great day together. The drive to Omaha, the fun zoo, the walk around Old Market and supper at Spaghetti Works. A really good day in the Summer of 2010

A gorgeous couch…!!


My favorite spot in the zoo. I could stay here for hours –

A bit too much eye contact…

Why do they always look so friendly?!…

The jellyfish tank

Not a great picture. But since Lauren didn’t have a camera, Scott gave her one before we left. She had SO MUCH fun with it!!

The brand new baby seal…

I think everyone was a wee bit happy to have a ‘weakling’ recent heart patient with them. Using me as an excuse to ride back to the entrance on the tram!! -ha


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