I wish I’d paid more attention in the 1980’s…

Scott and I met at some point in 7th grade. We graduated from high school in 1983 so that would make 7th grade…what?, about 1977? Someday I will post both of our 7th grade pictures (unless someone else from Palmer can find them for me). I don’t have my yearbooks anymore, so it will take some searching elsewhere.

I always remember Scott.
Scott remembers me.

But for some reason, our paths didn’t cross closely enough to be more than acquaintances.

I’m sure I had him in some classes. Both of us are fairly sure we had Speech together in junior high. Scott was one of those tall guys that hung out with tall guys. I have a slight memory of a class with he and Andy Shockley and Zach Zuber…tall guys.

It’s fun to know where each other came from and to share stories where we know the characters in the story, but didn’t experience the event in the same way.

All I know now, is that I wish I had paid more attention in the 1980’s. I wish I had stopped to talk to that goofy-smiling, big-haired tall guy. And I wish I had known what I liked and disliked in a man. But rare is the female that knows that with clarity at that point in life.

Recently Scott and Hannah and I were traveling back from Iowa and stopped at a Cracker Barrel for dinner along the way. There was fierce competition between Scott and Hannah with that peg moving thingy game. Lots of laughing at stupid things and a feeling of comfortable family time.

Hannah and I stopped by the restroom on the way out of the restaurant and then we all headed for the car.

Except Scott had a brown bag with something he’d purchased inside…

He handed it to me (with the same goofy smile as he had in the early 80s) as we got in the car

It’s really nice to come from the same place… 🙂


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