Left to our own devices


Eric is starting a new sermon series for the month of August. A series I am not going to….well, like.

Left to Our Own Devices series is about discipline and moderation.
Two of my least favorite words!

Dealing with the hard topic of distraction addiction. A distraction addict is someone who seeks constant stimulation of the senses.

(There really is no clearer description of Greta.)

Again, ugh.

He has asked us to covenant with him to do the following (crazy-ass!) things –

For the month of August, I will:
* only use my phone as a phone. No email, no internet browsing, no apps, no games. Just talking and texting.
* whenever possible, call someone instead of texting them.
* read at least one chapter of the Bible every day.
* keep a prayer journal, and write in it daily.
* significantly cut back on TV time, and I will not watch TV alone.
* exercise daily.
* go out of my way to interact with someone I normally wouldn’t. Maybe lunch with an old friend, or coffee with a homeless neighbor.

Not only is August going to be hot and humid, it’s also going to include character development and patience stretching.



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