Greetings all readers…

I find it fascinating that without fail, if I mention Scott on Facebook or on this blog, within 12-24 hours he gets a nasty text from Laura, his ex-wife.

Veiled threats.
Nasty generalizations.
Your basic textbook soap opera rants.

But by all means, keep sending those texts, Laura. And Laura-workers reading this blog – keep feeding her information from my blog. Laura, you are doing an excellent job of laying the groundwork for Scott’s lawyers. You’re doing all the work for them!

Keep ’em coming…


One thought on “Greetings all readers…

  1. Isnt it funny how even though some people age they really dont mature???
    I have heard of LOTS of lawyers using FB and websites in court as evidence…happy to hear that it may help Scott as well.
    Hugs and blessings to you my friend =)

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