I tend to go on rants…

Wow; Sunday was a frustrating day battling The Man.

Before church, Scott was finishing researching a particular software program that he wanted to purchase. He ultimately found it at Walmart so we planned to go pick it up after church.

Lunch with Baird and Ryann.
Moved Baird’s things out of storage into his new place.

Below is the letter I wrote to Walmart Corporate after our experience, sending a copy to the 40 highway Walmart:

“My husband has researched for the last week the cost of a software program that he’s interested in buying. This morning he found the same software on Walmart’s website, indicating that it would cost $48. This was close to the other price he found on a different online retailer for $45. Next to the item it said: ‘See if it’s in a store near you.’

He checked our nearest Walmart and found that they carried it in the store.

We drove to the Walmart only to find that it was $60 in the store. When he inquired about the difference in cost, he was told he had to order it online in order to get the $48 price. He explained that it did NOT say online that it was an “online deal only.” My husband went to the front of the store to double-check this policy with the Customer Service department. Sure enough, that’s the policy.

You had a paying customer in the store that left without buying anything because you wouldn’t honor a rather misleading ad online – YOUR online store!

On the way home, he called another nearby Walmart, asked for the electronics department, was transferred to the person working in electronics. He inquired as to whether or not they carried the software he was after. The clerk replied, “Um, I don’t know. I would have to go look.” (Yes, that’s what retail workers are paid to do…) He had to actually ASK her to please go look!! A few moments later she came back and said they didn’t carry it. This was very familiar since the first Walmart we were in said they didn’t carry it either when asked about it. After asking that electronics clerk where their software was in the store, he walked back and found it in the store! The clerk’s response?: “That must be new.”


My husband came home, looked online some more when he remembered Best Buy’s price matching offer. He called their customer service and was told, “Sure! Just print off their online ad and we’ll match it.” In fact, the person on the phone said, “We have 5 in the store. If you’re comfortable with me not setting one back for you, I’m sure we won’t sell through 5 today. But if you’d like, I’d be happy to hold one back for you.”

c.u.s.t.o.m.e.r s.e.r.v.i.c.e!!

We drove to our nearest Best Buy and purchased the software at your price.

Does this even make fiscal sense as a company?! Why have a Customer Service department if customer satisfaction is not even the ultimate goal?!!

Walmart: $0
Best Buy: $48


After our first Walmart experience, on our way home, I resorted to my favorite ‘comfort drink’ telling Scott (who was currently a block from our house), “Can we go by McDonald’s and get a coke? I could really use a burn right now.”

Following is the letter I sent to corporate McDonald’s with a copy to the 23rd street McDonald’s:

“My husband & I drove specifically to the nearest McDonald’s to get a large drink in a styrofoam cup.

We placed our order (actually, we REPEATED our order because the auto answer recording cut off the first part of our order.) We asked for the drinks to both be in styrofoam cups. We paid at the first window then drove to the second where they handed us our drinks in plastic cups.

We repeated that they be in styrofoam & were informed that the manager of the store would not allow drinks to be in the styrofoam cups – nothing but sweet tea.

The person in the drive-thru (doing her disgruntled job) picked up a pile of styrofoam cups & pointed to the part that says ‘sweet tea’ saying, “See? The cup says sweet tea.”

A smart-ass AND utterly unconcerned with the concept of customer service!

I didn’t ask for a Big Mac at the hamburger price. I simply asked for a different cup. A cup that retains the coldness of the beverage much longer than the plastic cups do. Plastic cups sweat all over things in the summer heat.

I asked for the manager’s name & was told it was Fernando.

Why even HAVE a customer service department if this is how customers are treated? It’s a misnomer at best.

Is this to infer that McD’s cares little about customers & more about the cost of a cup?

For the record, I failed to see the word ‘pop’ on the plastic cups. You might need to switch this since managers are using the argument that it SAYS ‘sweet tea’ on the styrofoam ones.”


Buy local.


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