thank you…

I was so thankful for the friends and family that made it out to our wedding celebration last weekend. It was an…eventful…night filled with memories of rainstorms, and laughing, and reuniting. Renewing friendships and making new ones. 80 people crowding together – never missing a beat in the level of talking and laughing going on.

{ Sidenote: and thank you to those that couldn’t make it for various reasons. I have appreciated your notes and messages. }

I have never felt such gratitude as I sat and wrote thank you notes after the event. I was touched beyond words.

A couple that I had never met before, Wes and Christy (Scott’s cousins), gave us a Willow Tree figurine that I wanted to share with you.

What they didn’t realize is that from the very beginning of my relationship with Scott, I have loved (LOVED!) his heighth over me. Whether I’m standing in the bathroom putting on make-up or washing dishes in the kitchen or walking down the aisles of a grocery store… To feel him stealthly walk up behind me and put his arms around me is one of the most secure feelings I have ever had. It is something I have adored from the first time he did it.

And am thankful for the zillions of times since.

So thank you, Wes and Christy! Without knowing it, you gave us a gift that represented our love so very accurately…


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