Aging sucks. However…

Sometimes it comes in handy.

I just ran into a convenience store to get a drink (yes, in a styrofoam cup). There were two early 20-something female workers behind the cash register. An older gentlemen was getting a drink also. And 3 early 20-something customers.

I caught the girl customer out of the corner of my eye and watched as she slowly began collapsing to the floor. I heard one of the two guys she was with say, “Well, just sit down then.”

I recognized a heat exhaustion.

I took my purchases to the counter and said to the two workers, “I think something’s going on back there.”

I heard the older gentlemen ask them, “Is everything okay?”

The guys (who had laid her down) were a bit embarrassed and said, “Yeah. I think she’s just hot.”

I watched as the workers asked the guys, “Is there anything we can do?” To which the guys said, “Nah. She just needs to cool off a minute.”

A voice in my head (was it audible? It sounded pretty loud…) said to me, “Greta! They need you to be a 45-year-old mother.”

I asked the worker to get me a papertowel. I stooped down to the girl and put my hand on her forehead and asked, “Is it okay if I put a papertowel under your neck? I promise it will make you feel better very quickly.”

I dipped the papertowel in a nearby Fanta cooler display filled with ice, squeezed it out, then warned her it was going to be very cold.

I slowly attached the papertowel to the back of her neck. After that she sat up awhile before I left, telling her of all things to drink a LOT of water.

Age spots.
Reading glasses.
Heart disease.
Thinning hair and growing ears.

But sometimes…when I really think about it…I welcome the age and experience that comes with all the surface junk.

Thankful for an old mind today!

p.s. Drink lots of water!!


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