Wedding(ish) Pictures. But…

Disclaimer: these were not ‘planned’ pictures for the most part. Scott and I were in the middle of setting up on a blistering hot day – sweaty and stressed. Our dear photographer, Melanie, did her best on a high sun afternoon. I can’t even imagine how much work she did on the pictures to get even this far. Thank you, Melanie!!

We will have “official” wedding pictures taken in the Fall…!

Larry and Joanne Sutherland – and their crew (minus one grandson, Luke.)

Scott’s brother, Mark and his wife Nancy. Zach, Jacob and Amber.

Girl cousins: Jessica, Amber and Haleigh

Great in-laws!

Four of Joanne’s favorites: Larry, Scott, Mark and Gypsy!

(my eyes are closed, but…)


peacefully content…

Kyler with Grandpa –

Ryann, Baird and Hannah

Jessica, Kyler and Haleigh (missing Luke…)

Jacqueline and Lauren

Love them so.

This picture is representative of a VERY wet, stormy evening. BUT…we made do just fine!

Oh Eric.

Scott and I were so happy to have Eric give us a blessing and prayer. We knew he’d be perfect for the laid-back evening – and he was! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Eric, for your words (wise and wise-ass!) -ha

Just a blah picture? But the look between Hannah and me…priceless!!!

My two brothers-in-law, Craig on the left and Mark on the far right.

Here’s an excerpt from Eric’s wedding blessing:

“Scott and Greta were actually married on January 29. They were married right across the street from the junior high where they first met. I don’t know; but the honeymoon must have been pretty good – Greta’s heart hasn’t been the same ever since!”

(insert loud laugh from the crowd)

Then, after a slight pause for laughter, ever so calmly and not at all smart-alecly Scott simply turned around to the crowd and said, “Thank you very much.”

(insert more laughter!)

Another blah picture? But…I felt that big hand tightly covering both of mine all the way through the ceremony. SO symbolic of what Scott has been to me…

Eric Huffman.
Baird Williams.

SUCH similar senses of humor…

Most important thing to me about this picture, is the look on peoples faces!! Such confirmation…

A crazy night of torrential ran and 80+ people who adapted and continued to have fun.

Then more confirmation to end the night’s celebration!!

Two people who feel hot and sweaty and tired. But…unspeakably lucky.


2 thoughts on “Wedding(ish) Pictures. But…

  1. What a fun day, and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world! Thanks to all of our friends and family for enjoying the day with us…. rain,,, and shine..

  2. Greta, one word for you… RAWR! You and Scott rocked the camera. And, ahh, your eyes… Do you get them from your mother? I remember hers being exceptionally beautiful as well.

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