so recently i’ve heard some complaints…

I know, I know…I haven’t posted in awhile. It seems there is simultaneously so MUCH happening; yet also, nothing new at all.

Bottomline: very little creativity. Too much left-brained work and not enough time spent on the right side of my brain.

But people ask: What’s happening with my blog. Why haven’t I blogged lately. Truth is, I’ve been lazy about blogging. It’s so easy to just post it on Facebook and be done with it. And honestly, people are more apt to comment on Facebook posts than they do on blog posts. And since Scott refers to my obsession as “Instant Gretafication”, well…I need positive feedback. If it makes me shallow, sobeit. I need a pat on the back. I’m a fan of “Atta girls”. I like to be “Like”‘d.

However, my brain is full. It’s getting clogged.
And blogging is the stent to that clog.
It opens up the bloodflow of feelings/thoughts/information.

Ultimately, the conviction to go back to the discipline of blogging happened while I was drinking one of my current obsessions (my OCD comes and goes at a moment’s notice. Or perhaps at a Trend’s notice…) – Chai Tea Latte at Starbuck’s.

While enjoying the warmth of the tea, I noticed Starbuck’s had begun using their holiday cups.
Then, I noticed the message.

It reminded me of a post years ago (guess I’m not disciplined enough to look it up and post a link to it here) that I did about the street sign “Share the Road”.

We were created to share life with others.
We were placed in a world of stories. Of experiences. Of conflict and differences.

If we listen, we will hear the Story of those who cross our path; with whom we share the road.
Equally, we need to open up our private worlds to others, and share the stories of our journey.
In doing so, we are gifting others with experiences that are different than their own.
Of worlds that they have not experienced.
Of scenes they have not yet observed…



One thought on “so recently i’ve heard some complaints…

  1. For you Greta, “Atta Girl!” I honestly enjoy reading anything you write. You have an eloquence with words I envy, yet thouroughly enjoy reading. It it always pure joy to read the thoughts you share. Thank you for them.

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