kharma schmarma

Tired of my profile picture on Facebook, I sat for a minute and looked through my past profile pictures – wondering if I should just choose an old one to re-post.

I found this picture:


I had this reminder sheet hanging on my bulletin board in my office in Columbia, Missouri. A reminder that my past was behind me and new things awaited me in the future; if I would simply draw a line in the sand, step over it and move forward.

Please note the date of this FB comment on a different Facebook picture of mine:

Scott Sutherland
I like the hair. How have you been? I am ready for summer too. Tired of working outside in the cold
March 19, 2009 at 6:59pm · Like. Unlike.

I’m just now putting these two pictures together.
and am completely speechless…


2 thoughts on “kharma schmarma

  1. I like this story! #1 – cool it happened. #2 Even cooler that you discovered and put the pieces back together.

    The white board reminds me of the words of the jungle poet and sage, Timon the merkaat: “…You gotta put your behind in the past…”

    Now I am wondering why Scott was nine days late.

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