strange fascination

At 45 years old, in 1982, Jane Fonda released her epic work-out tape, ‘Jane Fonda’s Workout’, and began the fitness revolution that ensued.

A few years back I read her autobiography, ‘My Life So Far’; captivated; like a suspenseful fiction.

I’m not sure what my fascination with Jane Fonda has been, but I find her intriguing. Such an eventful life. There are things with which I relate, but the majority of her life is like peeking inside your neighbor’s house that lives a life so unlike yours that you can’t help but not look away.

And now, the release of her new workout videos this month, ‘Prime Time Fit & Strong’ and ‘Prime Time Walk-Out’.

I would not make the statement, “I wish I looked like her at 72-years-old.”

I wish I looked like her at 45.
at 25.
at 18.
at 32.

At 60.

She has suffered many consequences as a result of her choices and her addictions. But she always comes back. She always seems to be on the precipice of culture development.

I agree with Meredith Bryan who recently wrote about Fonda in Elle magazine, “Her version of 72 is enviable.”

Makes me want to find my pink legwarmers.


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