Monday morning Nouwen

The prayer of the heart: “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me.”

The prayer of the heart can be a special guide to present-day Christians searching for our own personal way to an intimate relationship to God. More than ever we feel like wandering strangers in a fast-changing world. But we do not want to escape this world. Instead, we want to be fully part of it without drowning in its stormy waters. We want to be alert and receptive to all that happens around us without being paralyzed by inner fragmentation. We want to travel with open eyes through this valley of tears without losing contact with the One who calls us to a new land. We want to respond with compassion to all those whom we meet on our way and ask for a hospitable place to stay while remaining solidly rooted in the intimate love our our God.

The prayer of the heart shows us one possible way. It is indeed like a mumuring stream that continues underneath the many waves of every day and opens the possibilty of living in the world without being of it.

Reaching Out
Henri Nouwen


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