Alone at home, I’m re-arranging my living room.
Just for fun.

The tv is on in the background…. Entertainment Tonight.

I was barely listening until the end comment.

They did a story about the singer, Brandy. The point of the story was her past addiction to weight.
How she didn’t eat…
Lost 20 lbs…
How she understands now how to balance in a healthy way her weight and food intake.

At the end of the report they talked about a new tv show or online show (?) that she and her husband owns/produces (?)
(again, I wasn’t really listening.) Very little mention about this aspect of her life.

Mary Hart listened to the report, smiling her celebrity smile.

Mary’s sign off? The last thing that was said about Brandy?….???

“Well she looks GREAT!”

What about this producing thing?
What about her recent work?
What about her strong competition on Dancing With The Stars?!

And we wonder why women have a problem with appearance?!……..


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