I swear my husband enters to win something and is ALWAYS selected! He’s one of those people.

“We’ll take the 3rd caller…”
And BOOM, he has Bon Jovi tickets.

“Enter to win free tickets to the new Missouri Mavericks hockey team game.”
BOOYAH! His name is selected!!!!

So this Wednesday night, we’re sitting rink side at the new Independence Events Center (truly a place that Independence residents can be immensely proud of!)

I immediately looked up our seats online….
We’re near the penalty box!!!

I hope there’s blood.
I hope someone gets really pissed!
I hope there’s a near-death experience.
Maybe a broken arm.

Yep; that’s just the kind of person I am.


2 thoughts on “WINNER!!!!!

  1. Seems like it is something that rubs off on whoever he is with. I scored Elton John tickets from Burger King once upon a time when he was with me as we picked up our whopper value meals. Totally out of character for me. Now I know why. There is another 20 year old mystery solved.

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