after shopping fun

Luke and Haleigh both have birthdays in November (Luke was 14 on the 11th of Nov and Haleigh is 18 today!), so we celebrated their birthdays yesterday. Grandma Joanne’s homemade red velvet cake and lots and lots of Thanksgiving leftovers.

Then Scott took everyone out and very carefully taught each person to shoot his pistol. Everyone experienced the rush and thrill of the power of a handgun – respecting it and the safety lessons we received beforehand. Our targets ranged from the side of a washing machine, to paper targets, to….my ‘Wreck This Journal’. After everyone else had their chance at shooting a gun for the first time, I taped my book up on the target and shot away!

The evening ended with another animated (aka: competitive!) game of Pictionary. Everyone trash talking. Everyone laughing so hard they couldn’t talk. Everyone keeping everyone else in check besides themselves!

SO much fun!!!

Haleigh’s staying on through the weekend but unfortunately, Luke has to go back this afternoon to Iowa since his mother rescheduled his birthday bonfire celebration this same weekend……

It was SO GREAT to have you guys here. I’m just frustrated I didn’t get a group picture of our family together (minus Jessica in Texas.) Maybe next time 🙂

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