oh well, HELLO, my new obsession…

The Independence Events Center has been a huge success – their marketing kitsch? Free parking. This is significant to anyone who has tried to find a place to park at the Sprint Center downtown! Big name artists have graced the stages but the mainstay of the Events Center is the professional ice hockey team: the Missouri Mavericks.

For Independence residents we are given the chance to win free tickets to a game with a drawing monthly. Last week Scott called me to say that his name was chosen!! So on Thanksgiving Eve, we headed out to a very different Thanksgiving tradition.

On the way to our seats Scott (a more seasoned hockey game attender), turned to me and said, “Hey! Do you want to chuck the puck?”

“Chuck a puck??!” – I looked at him completely bewildered

“Ya gotta chuck a puck!” And with that he walked over to a table and bought a $2 rubber/foam puck. (One of the most brilliant marketing/fundraising ideas I’ve ever heard of!)

After the 2nd period, they roll a large target-bucket-thingy out into the middle of the ice and everyone throws their puck – trying to make the bucket. Each puck has a number attacked to it (which matched the ticket that you bought with the rubber/foam puck.)

Again, brilliant money-maker. You buy the puck. You throw the puck. Few (if anyone) actually makes the bucket which is an amount of money donated from a sponsoring company. They pick up the pucks. Then sell them again the next game.


Anyway, hockey…

There is very little I DIDN’T like about the sport (besides the fact that it is so closely tied to Sarah Palin) –
* loud, Black-Eyed-Peas music
* attendees dressed in gawdy furs and funky jewelry
* fast action
* few fouls
* inevitable fights
* competitive side games for the audience
* cool temperatures – encouraging the use of above-mentioned gawdy furs

Scott and I are hooked. We will definitely go back to another game and will most likely encourage friends to join us out for a fun evening at the Mavericks game. I sat through most of the game thinking about which people would enjoy it and which ring I would choose to wear next time…

And yes, I bought an official Mavericks sweatshirt.
Ya gotta buy the shirt.

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p.s. Alternative title for this blog entry? “PUCK, YEAH!”


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