i (heart) rituals

I’m a sucker for traditions. Rituals. Consistencies that weave their way through our crazy day-to-day lives, serving as anchors in what seems like a tumultuous sea at times.

I am nothing short of giddy at the first snowfall. Each year I can usually recall where I was the previous year when the big fluffy stuff began to fall.

Therefore, there is a First Snow When We’re Together ritual in our household. Since Scott travels throughout the week, we had to stipulate that it was the first snow fall when we are together when the ritual would be carried out.

Here’s how it goes:

* at the first snowfall when we’re together, the First Snow Box comes out
* as it gets dark outside, we turn off all the lights and rely on lots of candles throughout the living room
* Scott makes homemade popcorn for both of us
* we share a Hershey’s chocolate bar
* Scott drinks Starbuck’s coffee
* I drink chai tea latte
* one shared throw blanket
* and we watch (for the first time, we have to wait until the first snowfall…) the movie ‘White Christmas’


Just me, Scott, Bing, Rosemary, Danny and Vera…
Guided by Irving Berlin and the smell of Christmas candles in the air.

For now, it’s peeking out…waiting to be opened.


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