various things lately…

We repainted the kitchen. Another room going “from shabby chic to more structured simplicity”… SO much work, Scott – THANK YOU!!! Our kitchen is the ‘bane of our existence’ at home. Very small and very unhandy. But, we’re making the best of it as best as we can.

Before pics:

Making sugar cookies for Jacqueline and Lauren. With all evolving marriages, you learn boundaries. Scott and I learned another one: it looks so romantic in movies to cook together, but we really aren’t properly geared for it. One of us was raised by a professional cake decorator. The other one refuses to ever be wrong. (ha!) Eventually we worked it out: one of us mixing the liquids while the other one sifted the dry ingredients. One making the icing while the other one decorates. It took some adjustment and compromise to spill over each other in a small space – and each of us with 45 years of “this is how I’ve always done it” under our belts. 🙂 p.s. The one big sugar cookie was created with Monica in mind. It was totally a “Latte’ Land wedding cake” cookie!

Decorating the Christmas tree at Dad’s house. We actually talked him out of doing the big tree. They always decorated 4 or 5 trees in their house. The big one is REALLY stuffed with years and years of decorations. But I like the silver tree. The skinny tree. I think change is good occasionally. It will be a different year for Dad, so why not mix things up a bit. That’s my theory in life: If it’s going to be different anyway, why not make it WAY different. We had fun sitting around the living room talking and laughing and making a lot of fun of each other. Trying on old scarves of Mom’s and sorting branches by colors. My new bendy necklace from elizabeth henry’s on the Independence Square was a big hit with everyone. This necklace is quite addictive. (Scott wore it as Georgi La Forge of Star Trek fame.) At one point we had to laugh at the “newcomers” of the group (Ryann and Scott.) They were the only ones up actually working and putting on lights while the rest of us were sitting around talking. Maybe it’s some kind of initiation. Maybe it’s because we were being lazy.

(Yeah…probably the latter.)

We missed Hannah though. Her one-act plays were this weekend, so she stayed at UCM.

Fun times.
(And dinner at Diamond Bowl on the Independence Square. Great food; but no bowling for us today!)

I hope to be able to put up our Christmas decorations this weekend. Our house needs that holiday sparkle. I got my Christmas cards out on time; but my decorations are lagging behind. Crossing my fingers and hoping for this week when Scott is back home again…

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday preparations; wherever you are and with whomever you are with. Holidays can get overloaded with obligations and commitiments. Maybe the holidays should be filled with more “bendy attitudes”, “sweet personalities”, and always the flair of a well-placed scarf.


One thought on “various things lately…

  1. oh! yum yum yum…Please save one for me… You may give Latte Land a run for their money! 🙂 Or maybe that’s my money…

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