early December lovelies…

Ryann sent me a new recipe for Coconut Snowball Cookies. These are SO delightfully good!! I made them for my Bunco group on Monday night. Kind of a funny story: My ma-in-law is a baker. Professionally. She also doles out little praise for others cooking (I don’t blame her; I’m snobbish about things I do well too.) Scott came to pick us up on Monday night and was holding the container of my leftover cookies while Joanne was telling us a story. While she was talking, he reached into the container of cookies, got one out, ate it like it was a steak and potato and when there was a pause in the conversation said, “MMMMmmmmm….I LOVE these cookies!”

Joanne continued with her story and I looked at him, smiled and rolled my eyes at his “junior high teasing”.

Such as good husband to make sure his mother knew he liked my cookies :))


I have a “zip line” in one of my rooms that I hang pictures, art, Christmas cards, etc on throughout the year. These two pictures are some of my favorites. Unfortunately, they have been a bit beat up over the years before they came to my house.

The pencil drawing was done by Scott’s brother, Mark, when Scott began his career with the railroad. Pencil drawings are my absolute favorite form of art. It is so out of the realm of possibility of something I could do myself that I admire and respect it all the more.

The pen drawing, equally fabulous, was done by Scott’s mother, Joanne.

So much talent in that family!!

Well HEY THERE Tiffany & Co. catalog in the mail yesterday….

I think I will enlarge the pictures of this Tiffany-colored purse (so adorable!) and this classic Tiffany & Co black watch. Hang them around the house ‘inconspiculously’…tuck them into Scott’s thermos…bribe the trainyard to slip them into Scott’s paperwork…

Love of my life….
Not a morning without my delicious Tazo chai tea. Some addicitons just aren’t worth recovery!

I am so thankful for my friends. Three special cards hang on the side of my refrigerator. One is a Thanksgiving card from Jenny that has become a family joke in our house. And another from Monica. Two women who make my life ROCK and with whom I love to pieces!!

and a new one from sweet Monica…

Look for beauty this season. You’ll find it in many tucked away places…


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