I set aside some of my favorite ornaments this year – hung them by some wool yarn – and let them hang free by a window. I have enjoyed them in a different way this year.

Some gifts; including Scott’s “secret” gift to everyone (from Conductor Sutherland)

Speaking of which, I don’t want to too severly overstate this, but this truly is the greatest thing ever invented…

…wrapping paper with a grid on the back for cutting. AWE. SOME!

And speaking of awesome, we have such incredible neighbors, David and Melanie and sweet, serious Ciera. Such a nice gift from them –

This is truly the most violent of desserts. If you have any frustrations you need to work out during the busy holiday season, I would suggest making peppermint bark:

Unwrap a bag of peppermint candies…

Then, beat the crap out of them with a hammer.

Melt some almond bark in a microwaveable bowl for about 2 minutes.

Stir in the peppermint crumbs…

Pour it out on parchment paper on a flat surface and put it in the fridge a few hours.

Once it is all hardened, take it out and break it into bite-sized pieces…more aggression to work out!

(picture to come later)

An easy treat. I like to add it to plates of cookies. The white and red looks pretty and offsets chocolate colors.

Scott and I have enjoyed our annual (although this is the first year!) tradition of enjoying a few quiet evenings with our own tub of Topsy’s popcorn.

However….there is a definite propensity toward the cheese popcorn!

I hope your Christmas preparations have been enjoyable. I almost enjoy this pre-Christmas time as much as Christmas itself. The planning and the wrapping. This year was particularly fun since Scott and I did all the Christmas shopping together. We laughed and plotted and scored just about everything we were looking for. And had a great time getting things for people we find utterly wonderful!

It’s Christmas eve and we’re watching ‘Home Alone’ and staying up for midnight mass at Redemptorist Church downtown (dedicated in 1912.)

A blessed Christmas day to each of you –


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