ctrl. alt. delete.

I always enjoy the hypothetical Clean Slate that a New Year’s Eve brings. I know it’s just another day in the life. I know that people can make changes at any point and don’t need a date on the calendar to jumpstart their motivation.

Oh but December 31 does bring with it the idea of Hope. I’m sure many of you, like me, have spent some time on thoughts this past week about what changes you would like to make. Sifting through the things that worked; and formulating a plan of attack as to how you can eliminate those things that didn’t seem to go as well.

I shy away from the term ‘resolutions’. That mandate seems to have an opposite effect for me. I’d rather just take the turning of the years as a nice straight line in the sand and mentally/emotionally step across the line from What Was and step into the magical world of What Could Be.

I have a lot of exciting things bumping around in my head for the upcoming year. (ie: a storefront that I hope to gush with information about soon.)

Yoga… my friend, Monica, has been preaching the virtues of Yoga to me for years. I can’t say that I’m ready to commit to paying for sessions multiple times a week, but I did take the plunge and buy yoga “kit” at Borders Bookstore recently.

More blogging. Writing is really what I mean. I have stepped away from this habit for lack of time; or perhaps more accurately, for lack of discipline.

Less Facebooking time. ………sheesh.

An upcoming book club I am anticipating greatly…

Friend face time…

Reading through the Bible chronologically…

Embracing my creative side more and worrying less about the never-ending time pressures associated with my job…

So many more similar thoughts and ambitions. All these goals with the one over-arching mission of simplifying my life in order to make room for authentic relationship to evolve.

I sat across the table from Baird, Hannah, and Ryann a few days ago, listening and participating in the ongoing, over-lapping animated conversation and couldn’t help but think: I really like these people. Three adults who make me proud. Three adults who are as different as could be; but as wholly likeable as any person I’ve ever known. My sister wrote in a Christmas note to Baird, “Not only do we love you, we like you.” I couldn’t agree more. Three really great people. Man, I’m glad I know them.

And this man… wow. What an incredible gift he has been to me. He makes my whole Life laugh out loud. He has consistently and without fail loved me in the worst of situations this past year. What’s more; he loves me in the boring times as well. He loves me. That still makes my insides grin from ear to ear. Just this morning (his birthday!) my friend, Kristi, sent him a message: “Thanks for making my friend G light up…” That encompasses everything I feel for Scott. He is my Home Base. I miss him terribly when he’s gone to work for 2 days and feel like a giddy school girl when I know he’s on his way home.

I’m really, really grateful his home is with me this year.

I was proud of myself this year for keeping a daily diary.

Not a journal. That was my way of letting myself off the hook…journals seem so daunting sometimes. Writing out all those feelings. Pages and pages of not ever being able to accurately explain all there is inside at one given point in time.

Nah. Just a diary of documented days. One short page. Almost in bullet-point form. Merely recording things that were happening in the 45th year of my life – for contrast and comparison – or maybe just for the morbid curiosity of a grandchild later in life that wondered what Grandmother and Granddad did in their 40’s.

Old, dog-eared pages vs. clean, white, crisp pages.
My new book – ready to be filled with the expected, the surprising, the happy, and the many Everyday moments of the upcoming new year.

Eh. Not perfect. But I will accept it all. A pivotal year in many ways. A year blessed with a lot of happiness.

Twenty. Eleven.
What will you bring?


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