In a new year’s burst of energy, Scott and I dove into boxes of “stuff”. Drawers and hidden places that keep accumulating the stuff of life that is complicated or obnoxious or too mundane to demand our immediate attention.

I was downstairs; Scott was upstairs. Music going on both levels.
I can’t even begin to explain to you the “Saturday-ness” of my looks: crazy bed hair, half pjs-half clothes of warmth. Mis-matched but determined to conquer some serious space-wasting junk.

I was on my knees, dusting the bottom level of a table. Behind me I heard Scott come down the stairs. No biggie; I figured he was headed to the kitchen to refill his coffee cup.

That’s when I heard…….

“Hey. Will you go steady with me?”

Obviously capturing my attention, I flipped around and he handed me his THS letter.

How cool is that?

Thing is, this is Scott’s second letter. He and his friend, Mike Coe, had a bad car wreck our senior year. Scott’s letter was soaked in blood.

Truman High School kindly gave him a second letter.

30 years later, I got it.
(big smile)


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