camera lazy

I have been really bad lately at taking pictures with my camera. Seriously; bad me. I’ve missed some fun opportunities. I’m also finding that the more relaxed I am in a setting, the fewer pictures I take.

Gotta get out of that habit.
Camera phones are not the same thing, Greta!

Unfortunately, Scott’s birthday was one such occasion.
We were going to have family over and I started getting sick the day before. Scott woke up the morning of the party not feeling well. So….we cancelled.

We ended up staying in and truly, just chillin’.
(which, I guess, in the end…was okay too.)

I gave Scott his present. Boring. But later in the day Dad gave Scott the gift he had chosen for him. I had to laugh that both of us went with the same “wrapping paper” idea!

socks, underwear, white t’s, long-sleeved t-shirt, pj pants, jeans, and his cologne, Polo Blue.
Boring; but the Basics.

And 46 reasons why I love him:

And Dad’s gift bag:

And this is for those of you who know Scott and can hear him saying, “Huh!…”

Love, love, love this man.

I could easily come up with 46 more reasons!


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