“We haven’t lost our capacity to be horrified.”

It is no secret that I am not a fan of Sarah Palin as a political candidate. However, I summarily dismissed the initial rhetoric about Palin being the cause of the Arizona shootings. Initially. But the talk keeps going on. Or at least the discussion keeps reoccuring in the news and media.

Was it Palin’s target list that ended the lives of many in Arizona; seriously injuring others?

In my personal life I try to be open-minded about individuals and not rush to judgment and/or hold anyone to a different standard than I would hold myself. That said, when you choose to participate in the public eye – politics, professional sports, Hollywood – I DO believe there are standards by which you must adhere that are greater (tougher) than the common man.

Back when the Palin target list first came out, I said the same thing I would say now: It was a stupid lapse in judgment. A dumb move. There are crazy people in the world who do not know how to take innuendos or hypothetical examples any way but literally. So why give them the reason to go blow something up? Palin was dumb in that regard. The Right should not have encouraged the behavior or supported it with any press.

That said, the Giffords shooting in Arizona does not rest on the shoulders of a party or a Palin.

It has been quite some time since I have sat in the pew of a church and yelled ‘Amen’ as much as I was yelling “yes! yes! YES!!” last night to our tv as Scott and I watched the Jon Stewart Daily Show. His comments were exactly and precisely right on, in my opinion. The things he said aligned so resoundingly with my own that I found myself more than once talking loudly to the tv as if in a personal discussion with Stewart himself.

Please take a moment – 10, to be exact – and watch his clip. It was both encouraging and challenging to hear.
Get past the intro commercial
and the intro not-so-funny pajama bit
and keep watching beyond the word at which you will most likely cringe.

Listen to the rest of his message.
I am willing to bet you will strongly agree with him as well.

Well said, Stewart.
Thank you for doing so with precision and grace.

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