The Treehouse and a wee sneak peek

We have an unfinished attic space upstairs. Not wanting to invest in completely remodeling it – yet wanting to use the space – we have been working on converting it into a space I refer to as The Treehouse. It has these two sweet windows that let in a ton of light (because they’re up higher than the other houses in the neighborhood so nothing to block the sunshine coming in) and we feel like we are in a secret place, looking out over the tops of the surrounding homes. No one can see us, but we can see their whole backyards and their rooftops. Now tell me – what ELSE better describes a treehouse?!

Following are some pictures I took today, possibly inspiring you to take a second look at some unused space in your home. If a total renovation is not in your near future, maybe a semi-compromise could be.

One of my favorite things about the attic/treehouse/studio is that running up through the floor, straight through the middle of the space, and up through the ceiling is the chimney from the living room below. I have a life-long love for brick!

You will notice the drywall is exposed with some spackling covering its surface. I love the un-finished-ness of this space.

The space is divided down the middle (by the chimney!) These pictures are from my side. The other half of the space is Scott’s office. He has lots of boring tech stuff set up along the wall for his video/dvd/slide business. (yawn, right?)

One of my favorite features (at least for how we use the space) is the exposed sub-flooring. Grant it, you wouldn’t normally want such a thing. But there is paint dripped all over it from canvas painting, etc. I don’t have to be careful about dripping! Love it.

I have a HUUUUGE desk (seriously…huge! Had-to-be-completely-dismantled-to-be-brought-up-here huge) that I found at my favorite KC thrift store for $8. Again, it’s able to be scratched and bumped and painted on…perfect. I treasure this pencil drawing that Ramon Abundis drew of me in 1973. He is a gifted, gifted artist and has the sweetest, kindest heart of just about anyone I know.

Beat up, ugly stairs and railing. But warmed with my cherished Urban Outfitters quilt from a few years back…

Shhhh….don’t tell. But I can see a lot of neighbors working in their yards from this window! And I L.O.V.E. that the windows crank out completely open to the outside world. Again…..TREEHOUSE!

All my spare time has been spent thrifting, dry-cleaning, steaming, stylizing, grouping, photo’ing, photo editing, uploading…anxiously anticipating the date for the opening of re.discovered design. The storefront will be filled with vintage goodness: fashion, decor, handmade finds.

I am enjoying a sunny, warm snow day with some Stevie Wonder and plenty of inspiration. I hope you are in a happy place too…


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