vintage cookbooks

Going through Mom and Dad’s cabinets of recipes and cookbooks, I found myself wanting to take pictures of some of the vintage scenes and fonts held within cookbooks of decades ago.

Whether it was an Ideals cookbook that featured their iconic lit candles next to bacon-wrapped hotdogs, or the fact that the pictures displayed VERY gender-specific roles. I loved the vintage fonts!

For the record, the new and short-cut method for baking a cake did not include the phrase “cut open the plastic bag of mix”…oh well.

I certainly noticed how under-dressed I am when I bake. I always seem to forget those cinched-waist dresses and strands of pearls when I’m whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I enjoyed seeing Mom’s notes and bookmarks in the cookbooks – noting favorite recipes or recipes to try out. And of course, handwritten notes from grandmothers are the best! I learned a long time ago to have someone write out their own recipe whenever possible. I love to see their handwriting in my stash of recipes!!

Lastly, the NEW Better Homes and Garden cookbook, copyrighted 1953.

Wonder what things people will find quaint about us someday….

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2 thoughts on “vintage cookbooks

  1. I love old cookbooks too! I liked the phrase that says ” A full cooky jar makes a home homey”…. i guess there is some truth to that =)

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