such a good 46.

My day started out by stopping by Scott’s parent’s house “just to say hi”. We walked into their house and heard an additional “Hi!” from Hannah, standing in the background. What a great surprise! Her Facebook status line from just a few hours earlier was “Happy Birthday, Mother. Wish I was there.” Clearly now just a ploy to throw me off. Scott had arranged for one of her friends to bring her into town, meeting his dad, Larry, part-way there.

The three of us did some running around in the afternoon and then headed out to my sister, Anna-Margaret’s, house for dinner.

What a great evening!

Anna-Margaret was taking the picture (unfortunately, not shown). Dad brought his friend, Joyce. Such a great lady. A great combination of people to enjoy. Fabulous husband. Fantasic daughter. Best-ever nieces.

Dad made me banana pudding…one of my favorites!

My mother-in-law, Joanne, made me my favorite birthday cake – banana cake!!

Any more, this is a common scene in our family…

After dinner, Scott handed me an envelope of tickets: TWO TICKETS TO SEE ROD STEWART in April!!!!

Craig was reffing basketball for most of the evening. But when he showed up, I was embarrassed by how well he knows my decades of bad habits. He brought in my gifts one by one….

And last but not least, a nice gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles…with a little something-something inside.

Fun night.
Fun birthday.


One thought on “such a good 46.

  1. A very fun day. I am looking forward to Rod Stewart. I hope to have as much fun as we did at Michael Buble

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