Things CAN change.

Scott and I were honored last night to help with the CCKC – Children’s Campus of KC – event that both celebrated its donors as well as the presentation of their LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) Silver certified plaque.

Located on the border between Kansas and Missouri, CCKC is in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas.

Children living in poverty are at greater risk for health and social problems and experience significant developmental risk factors and low levels of success. They often enter kindergarten two standard deviations below the norm and never catch up with their peers. Research has demonstrated that there is a way to change the trajectories and outcomes for the most disadvantaged children. Impressive research experiments conducted by academics in controlled settings have given us incontrovertible evidence that this can be accomplished through high quality early childhood education programming that additionally offers support services for the whole family.

CCKC not only chose to help children living in poverty through programs and social services, they chose to give them an environmentally secure building as well. Achieving LEED Silver is a difficult feat. CCKC and the design teams they worked with, took on the challenge beautifully. For instance, the food in their school cafeteria is made from scratch, using organic and locally grown products. That is a true commitment to the whole being of a child – and the employees of CCKC.

CCKC Mission Statement:

To assure that children zero to five years of age and their families have the resources they need to succeed.

The Children’s Campus of Kansas City will be a place where families, regardless of income, race, or educational level, come to enhance their parenting skills, understand their child’s development, access primary health care and mental health services, engage in creative and artistic endeavors, and learn basic skills to support themselves. This will be a place that promotes early education, family literacy, and the importance of community.

Scott and I were the event planners (SAG Event Management). Our services included working with the out-of-state host, publicizing the event, coordination of 70+ registrants, catering with environmentally responsible items and low waste, gathering sponsors for the event, working with the venue staff, decorating, bartending, set-up, and tear-down. It was 20+ years of experience colliding into an unstoppable team (that ALSO came in under budget and raised enough sponsorship dollars to make money for the U.S. Green Building Council!) We were exhausted by the end of the night after months of work and an evening of constant motion, but energized by the synergy of our experiences assisting with the ongoing success of CCKC’s innovative and life-saving organization.

While the donors and sponsors held their special presentations, I snuck outside for a short bit to take pictures of the building and walked away from 3 sets of beautiful eyes that made my throat swell, knowing they have been given the chance to succeed…their parents are being offered ways of stepping out of the all-consuming vacuum of poverty, and into the prospects of an educated foundation.

(please note the agencies housed within this space which are listed on the elevator menu – all sharing cafeteria and conference rooms so that no space goes unused on a daily basis.)

Congratulations, CCKC!!


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