random bits of info

Day Trips:
I love getting out of town – no matter the reason. I recently read about a service that allows you to put in your current location and then choose whether you want to spend a half a tank of gas, a full tank of gas, or even a quarter tank… You put in the amount of gas you are willing to invest and they calculate what attractions there are within that mile radius of your current location.

Cool, huh?

March 26: Earth Hour
Just a reminder that at 8:30pm on March 26, turn out all your lights for one full hour to build awareness and support for climate change. I have enjoyed participating in this in the past. Gathering supplies and preparing for it is just as much fun as the quiet, uninterrupted conversations I’ve had during the hour spent in darkness. This is an important (and fun!) lesson to share with your children as well.

Honey Scrub
1tsp pure honey
1/4 cup light olive oil
1 cup raw or granulated sugar
2 tsp fresh citrus zest (I think orange would be heavenly)
store in a jar

I am going to make some for myself and if I love it, I think I know what my new quick gift for a friend is going to be….


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