Love someone. Love what they love.

And when you do, you might find a few things you enjoy along the way. If nothing else, you will delight in their enjoyment of it.

We spent our Saturday at two military surplus supply stores. While SS looked for the camo shirt he wanted, I walked around mesmerized at what was displayed. Such great clothes! Then drove out to SS’s parents place to sight in his new gun (Taurus PT 917). After an afternoon of target shooting, it was too nice of a day to head inside yet. Fishing was whispering sweet nothings in SS’s ear. A great excuse for me to sit in the sun, enjoy the strong breeze and soak up the goodness of the outdoors.

(to view all pictures, click on the picture below and then select slideshow)

lone jack – april 2011 – photoshopped

(Guess who hit this red Quik Trip cup lid…)

Poor Gypsy… after every shot, she would run around behind the target just SURE that there would be a dead bird or squirrel or SOMETHING for her. She’d get so excited every time then run around looking for it. THEN, get exhausted and hot and run straight into the pond to cool off! The funny life of a dog…

I have not yet tired of watching SS and his dad, Larry, work together. Their communication style. Their easy understanding of the subject – whatever it is at the time. I am thankful for the relationship SS has with his parents. It means I get to love and enjoy them as well.

I love this man.
I love his passion for the things he loves.
And I am lucky enough to be one of those loves…

EVEN when a stupid Quik Trip diet coke cup seems to invade every picture I take of him!


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