Is ‘sewing’ a Special Olympic sport?

So….I have a new sewing machine. It’s not the first time I’ve owned a machine but the ones before were used and one didn’t even come with a foot pedal, much less an instruction guide.

SS found one for half price at Joanne’s Fabrics so he jumped on the chance to stop my incessant dreaming about “one day being able to sew” and bought it for me. (Honestly, it was fun to see how excited he was over the whole ordeal!)

I have been practicing stitches on old clothes…have read the instruction manual…watched the dvd…and fretted over the threading/bobbin process.

I needed a project.
Something simple…
with VERY little risk.

Enter a pair of pajamas Hannah and I bought for SS months ago.

They were the wrong size for SS.

But one day I was running around the house and in an attempt to “throw something on that was comfortable” (and the fact that I had lost the receipt for the pjs), I threw them on and fell in love with them.

So comfy.

EXCEPT, they were waaaaaaay too long for me!

It still didn’t matter, I threw them on all the time just to run around the house by myself.

This weekend we stopped back by a fabric store to look at their dirt cheap clearance material so I could do some more practice. I picked up about a yard and a half of a red denim material that was a couple of dollars.

Pajama pants that were too long…
Dirt cheap material…
Low-risk project.

I cut 12″ off the bottom of each pj pant leg

Then in a few hundred hours I sewed on the material to the bottom, creating new capri-length pj pants.

I also got cocky and decided they needed a cute little stitch…

Happy with my simple little project.

I’m pretty sure the White House will be contacting me soon for some new curtains at Pennsylvania Avenue…


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