I’ve mentioned my obsessive tendencies, right?…

Looks like sewing is my current focus.

I recently stood before a huge wall of bolts of fabric for quilting. A million patterns for each and every possible color. Talk about a candy store! And I have to tell you, of this whole project, the most enjoyable part for me was picking and putting back and reconsidering and picking up again. It felt just like picking out patterned paper at a local scrapbooking store. The creative planning process: always the best, best, BEST part!

There’s something just so much fun about facing down the ‘hmm…do those patterns really go together’ thought and then daring to go for it.

Carefully following my pattern instructions, I sewed together my various strips of fabric…

And then, a few hundred hours later…

Cute tote, right?
I was happy.

I liked that the pattern called for purposefully not matching up the strips between the front and back.

And what’s a bag without a label, right?!

I had to add some ‘g action’ on the side for fun! (made from the material I cut off the pj’s mentioned below)

This was a fun project.
Can’t wait to make some more totes and learn how to perfect the process. Now that I’ve gone through the pattern once, I will watch for thrifted skirts and shirts that can be cut into these fun pieces of material for a repurposed tote!

Thanks for being patient with a sewing beginner – armed with a new machine and a penchant for documenting the process!

Lots of loving homemade feelings from my place to yours –


One thought on “I’ve mentioned my obsessive tendencies, right?…

  1. Yep, I whitnessed it all… I thought the bag turned out great, but my favorite part is the tag!! you crack me up…

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