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I am caught up – along with much of the world – in the approaching royal wedding. I’m not sure if it is that Princess Diana’s marriage and death were a part of my teen/adult years, or if it is the bond we (aka: commoners) feel for Catherine Middleton. It could also be the close proximity in ages between my son, Baird and Prince William. No matter the reason, so many of us are finding things that resonate with the royal wedding.

If nothing else, I am a pure romantic at heart. And is there anything more fairy tale than a prince swooping up a commoner and making her a princess – complete with a wedding filled with cathedrals, flowing gowns, and deep tradition??

Reading this entry from the blog {this is glamorous} was fascinating, especially regarding the history of the tiara.

I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Princess Diana:

I remember Mom’s excitement surrounding Charles and Diana’s wedding. Mom made us all get up and watch it – and now I feel lucky to remember it so well. My sister is doing the same with her pre-teen and teenage girls. What a special memory of experiencing something like that together.

Will you be getting up at 4am or waiting to see a replay of it later? Are you DVR’ing it?


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