“You know you really should [insert word here].”

Seems like I’ve heard that phrase most of my life. Yet everything about my life experiences say to me, “But I need to do [this].”

(picture: Holstee, via the very talented Christy Kennedy)

I’m not sure if it’s just my sense of alertness to the subject recently, or if there is a heightened sense of DIY (do-it-youself) going on in the world right now. So much so that people are making a living by telling others how they can successfully make a living through DIY means, primarily in the online community. I seem to read a new blog on the subject every time I turn around.

I have been blessed lately to sell some of my “creative therapy” online. Like others who have lost their primary source of income, or more personally – would like to change their source of primary income – I have turned to the fascinating world of online shop ownership. I currently own three online shops. Three different outlets: paper goods, fabrics, and thrifting. It’s been a fun journey and I am throughly enjoying the discovery of it all.

I find it interesting that many friends have encouraged me over the years, saying the infamously uttered (yet fearfully applied) phrase, “You know, you really should…” so I feel a little hurt when they later imply that because I create, I live a life with lots of extra time on my hands. And they, of course, have lives too busy to ever dabble in creativity.

As a society, we still view creativity as a ‘extra’. A void-filler.
But anyone with artistic leanings knows that creativity is a life sustaining force. A staple. A necessity.

Creatives might not watch tv.
Or surf the internet.
We might not do some things that others choose to do, but we manage to find time – to make time – to c.r.e.a.t.e.

Because that’s who we are.

Society has been telling us that in order to make money, you should do something reasonable. Something safe. Something mainline.
You don’t put all your eggs in one (albeit adorably decorated) creative basket.

I continue to find myself in that in-between world. I’ve spent my entire adult life there:
making a living off of [this]…but,
being consistently encouraged to do [this]…and,
finding my heart drawn to [this]…yet,
never really knowing how to meld them all together.

There aren’t many hours in a day when I am not working. Either working for my “real job” or working on my “creative job”. It helps to be surrounded by family that fully understands the pull of the creative spirit. Each one of us would be doing [that]…if only.

For creativity to thrive, it needs a place to call home.

I’ve thought a lot about boxing off the various parts of my life at the moment. I have even taken considerable steps to do so. But when it comes down to it, my life is lived out of one big gigantic box. One thing overlaps with another thing. I can’t seem to separate parts into neat and tidily marked containers.

So I revamped a little – my life and my blog. And will continue to do so. But, the compartments of my life all spill over on top of each other, so it is difficult to split apart blogs and thoughts and projects and writing (yet another area always tugging on my heart).

Thank you for taking this journey with me for the past 5+ years. I really cannot express to you how much it means to me when you stop by my blog to ‘sit down and read a bit.’
You are my friends. Cherished and valued.
– g


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