Saturday Samples: A Royal Collection

I was so excited to get up early Friday morning and watch the much-talked-about Royal Wedding. It was breath-taking. An overly used word, yes. But I can’t seem to harvest a more fitting adjective from my brain. I love happy endings. I’m a sucker for romance. Like so many others, (particularly little girls) I was raised with a strong dose of fairy tales. The Prince always saves his Princess from any lurking perils. The Princess is always beautiful and the Prince is always dashing.

[For the sake of celebration, let’s not talk about the pitfalls these images have caused in Real Life, shall we?]

Back to the royal Happy Place.

Catherine was stunning.
Catherine’s sister, Pippa, was beautiful.
William was regal.
Harry was playful.
Queen Elizabeth was absolutely perfect in that yellow suit and hat. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her look better.

Americans are too young. Our history and traditions lack the depth that England has. Scott jokingly quipped, “We want our freedom; but we’ll take your history!” And it’s so true. We watch in amazement. Their customs are so well-known and honored. The challenge to find the most unique hat. Formal attire. Royal etiquette. The deep love of the royal family.

We should be so lucky. We seem to be in a constant love-hate relationship with our governmental leaders. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an entity that we loved and followed and cherished? I found myself just a wee bit jealous.


Admittedly, I have had an appreciation of the royal family but I am like many others, a fair-weather fan. I got caught up in the Charles and Diana wedding as a young adult, and dove in again with William and Kate.

I have enjoyed seeing the pictures floating around the internet since The Wedding and had to share some with you for Saturday Samples…


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