A few more Easter pictures

I feel like I never posted these pictures. And although they aren’t prize-worthy, they do represent our fun on Easter this year.

Jacqueline, Lauren, Ryann and Hannah all received candy-filled totes this year. Before Jacqueline arrived, however, Baird opened her chocolate Easter bunny and bit the head off it. Carefully, putting it back in place before she arrived. (Gotta love older cousins.)

…a table at the end of a table. I HATE “kid tables”…I want everyone together!

A rather unsuccessful Skype attempt to talk to Dad in Africa. Skype (at least between Missouri and Africa!) is a bit temperamental sometimes. It mostly consisted of everyone standing around the computer saying, “I can’t hear you. Wait. I’ll try it without video. You’re cutting out. Where’s Sterling?!”

In the afternoon, as we stood outside taking pictures of various different family groups, the Easter Bunny came sauntering down the road…

Joyce parked WAY down the street and walked to our house, wearing her Easter Bunny attire and passing out chocolate Kisses. We laughed and had a good time with her. VERY cute idea!

Fun day!!


2 thoughts on “A few more Easter pictures

  1. You have no idea how frustrated your comment makes me. I have been smacking myself for not having Joyce come see Ciera!! Guess we were just too surprised…

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