Here, take a drink of the Kool-Aid…

Ryann made the mistake of telling me she was interested in sewing. So of course I want to suck her into my addiction!

Baird and I were talking about her birthday present last week. Ryann just graduated with a Geology degree (brilliance beyond my imagination!) It was a very difficult degree and Baird was concerned that she have some ‘down time’ for awhile to be able to tap into her very capable creativity. So we came up with a ‘starter kit’ for her. Then Scott and I gave her a trip to Springfield, Missouri (with us of course!) this summer to see some vintage goodness in Elsie Flannigan’s store.

A sewing kit filled with all the essentials and I’ve gotta tell you, I’m pretty jealous about this book!!….

Ryann is so very talented. I will enjoy seeing her develop her varied gifts.


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