little gift of gratitude

I always appreciate the few times I get to stop and have coffee with a friend. Just like me, people are busy, so time is valuable.

This week I am having coffee with Wendy. For those people around us, it’s no secret that Wendy and I have differed on some views (generally politically.) So our conversations are always…well, lively. But I enjoy them, nonetheless.

When Wendy asked to get together recently, after a tennis match of availability dates, we finally settled on a Starbuck’s date on a weekday morning.

The following ‘Thank You For Asking’ gift seemed the most appropriate…

Filled an empty Shatto glass milk bottle with Whoppers candy and added a tag and an intital on top.
I’m not really sure if the ‘W’ stands for:
(Right) Winged
Or probably most appropriately, (George) W! -ha!


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