It’s Facebook Official!

Funny how often we use that term now. “Are you just dating casually, or is it Facebook official?”

So I’m happy for my own Facebook officialness (yep. totally just made up that word!). I now have a FB page that I can directly point anyone to, whether they’re on FB or (gasp!), not. I hope if you haven’t already, you will ‘Like’ the FB page. This helps me behind the scenes with all kinds of numbered hits and Google searchability (blah, blah, blah). The more Likes, the more viable Google believes you to be. The benefit for you is that you will always get an update when I post something new on the my life as g blog.

A ‘Like’ is an online high five.

So don’t leave me hangin’, man!

Sincerely, I appreciate every time you stop by my blog during your day. I hope it serves as a placeholder in your daily life. And is always a time of “escaping from” the rut of the mundane parts of your day.

I love sharing quick bursts of time with you!


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