This probably won’t endear me to many readers. (aka: there’s a death at the end)

Yesterday, Scott had his fishing/shooting day. This is very similar to my art supply shopping/thrifting day. But, outdoors. And generally, I don’t shop out in the rain.

There was one other dissimilarity as well…

It rained. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s been raining for the biblical amount of 40 days and 40 nights. Or at least it seems like it. I know many of you love (and are even energized by) a rainy day. Not me! When I wake up and see a rainy morning peeking through my windows, my mood plummets instantly.

I guess for fishing, however, it’s the perfect weather. (go figure)

We drove “out to the country” (aka: Scott’s mom and dad’s house) where Scott could fish on their lake. Scott’s mother, Joanne, and I put on our rain slickers (not a term you hear often enough anymore, right?) and took a walk down to the lake so I could take pictures of her newly bloomed iris and to see what kind of luck Scott was having. We were near the edge of the lake taking pictures, not far from where Scott was fishing, when we heard a bunch of commotion.

Walking toward Scott, we heard him say, “This is a BIG one!” I did what I always do – I readied my camera. I was ready for the BIG one to come flying out of the lake and I would capture it all for long years of storytelling ahead.

His line was bending in half and he was struggling to keep it steady…

Please note the look of utter joy on his face. Smiling…he was ready for some serious fish eating ahead.

Joanne and I had steadily picked up our pace, heading toward him.

But before we got close enough Scott yelled in disgust…

A tyrannosaurus-brachiosaurus-stegasaurus-triceratops looking thing came up out of the water.

It was a giNORmous snapping turtle!

The pictures I took weren’t good. There was a flurry of activity while Scott tried to hold on and yelled to us, (here’s the part where I lose you) “Go get my gun!”

Joanne headed back to the house for the gun bag.
I stayed and tried to take pictures.

Man, that turtle was pissed!

He was hooked right in the mouth. As I got closer and closer, Scott said (while significantly struggling to hold on), “If he bites through that line and snaps it off, he’s coming straight up the bank for you!” (Okay, so it’s not photographing the war in Afghanistan, but I felt a little daring.)

It’s a long way back to the house when you’re trying to hurry. About that time, Baird and Ryann pulled up outside. Joanne must have handed off the gun bag to Baird because he was then running down the bank toward us.

It finally occurred to me what was about to happen so I asked Scott why. “Why do you want to kill him?”

I guess snapping turtles are a bit of a nuisance in a lake. They eat the fish and they generally tear things up. They are not a “good thing” for a home fishing and boating lake.

I will spare you the various pictures in between. I will say, however, that the turtle (pre-historic personality and appeal) didn’t go down easily. He fought to the bitter end. Of course the whole house was down by the lake by the time Scott handed off the line to Baird (“Here, hold on to this.” ….insert my maternal instincts saying, “Be careful, Baird. It’s really heavy.” ….such a help I was! gaw…) and Scott loaded his gun. It also occurred to Hannah and me (and we couldn’t help but laugh) that we had been hearing Ryann say nothing but, “Oh my.” “Oh my.” “Oh my.” about a million times throughout the whole ordeal!!

His webbed feet were HUGE. It was fascinating to see him fighting with the line, if not equally disturbing. There’s no way to gain a perspective on his size and girth through pictures. But it was an adventure we will remember for a long time!

We didn’t have fish for dinner.
But we considered turtle soup…


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