Rainy day

We spent a day at Scott’s parent’s house this weekend doing what Scott loves: little bit of fishing. little bit of shooting.

Hope you saw the fishing story here.

My son’s girlfriend, Ryann, is such a sweet, kind, intelligent…TERROR! Dang, put a weapon in her hand and she’s lethal!

Don’t let the innocent looking ponytail and turquoise jacket fool you!

Remington Ryann.
Chick’s got some serious skill!

Poor little Diet Coke can didn’t stand a chance. Even after she blew it off the stand, she continued to shoot it to death on the ground!!

Baird felt our targets were a bit too easy; so he put up a little shimmy of wood as his target…

I remember those hands clutching his favorite teddy bear……(sigh) My how things have changed!!

Did he hit it??????

Well, Baird. You’ve always got your music…

Hannah took aim at a full W-D40 can. Nailed it, sending it spraying in all sorts of 4th of July fashion!

Pretty redneck, huh? But man…..once you shoot one time, it’s a little addicting!

Thanks for another fun afternoon, Scott!! We all had fun.

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