twisters and chintz

This has been an absolutely crazy tornado season. It seems the Midwest just keeps getting plummeted every few days with disastrous tornadoes. As a result, everyone is on edge and overly defensive about potential weather threats.

One night, as bad weather was encroaching, I went to bed with a change of clothes nearby and a pair of tennis shoes for that “just in case” situation.

Yesterday, Scott and I had some business to take care of near the Country Club Plaza downtown and decided to swing into my faaaaavorite store, Anthropologie. I was enjoying taking pictures of some of my favorite vignettes in the store…

Anthropologie is known for their fabulous window displays…truly artful creations. It is just as interesting to me to see their display usage as much as the products for sale.

We were in the back of the store when one of the employees came up to us and said, “They’ve issued a tornado warning for our area. It’s already touched down once nearby.” Soon the sirens began going off and we were all asked to go down to their basement to take cover.

Talk about part fear part absolute jubilation! We were getting to go behind the scenes of what I often call “My Happy Place”.

They got us settled into a room they refer to as The Found Room. It was a big open room, filled with their window decorations and anything they’ve found along the way to use in displays and decor.

(I know some of you know how MUCH I was in absolute heaven at that point!!)

Decoupage station…
Cutely marked boxes…
Dumpster diving fabulousness!

People were nice, although somewhat on edge. Latte’ Land and Gymboree employees came over to wait out the storm with us.

For those of you who have worked retail (or retail on the Plaza), you would be AMAZED at their receiving room! It was very well-organized and had a TON of staff opening clothes, steaming, hanging, etc. It was a well-oiled machine down there!!

Scott took a “pirated video”, walking around acting like he was working on his phone but actually taking video! -ha! He knew I would want this as a keepsake!!!

Just want to point out that this is where I could have spent my last days, sitting on these chairs…

After an hour and a half, they “made me leave”. Everyone went upstairs after the sirens finally went off. And while I was happy we were all safe, I found it very difficult to leave.

A big thank you to the employees of Anthropologie at the Country Club Plaza as well as their corporate headquarters. You kept everyone safe and entertained during a stressful situation. Thank you for being concerned about the safety of your employees and customers. We will stay loyal to you.


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