Living an ‘I Told You So’ kind of life

I have a friend who knows everything. Seriously, she kind of does. But one of her biggest faults is the need to always “already know”.

“Oh, I know he does.”

“Oh, I knew that would be that way.”

Oh, yes. I know.”

It’s something those around her have just come to accept as part of her personality. Only occasionally does it strike me wrong. Mostly, it is just an interesting observation.

The other day, as I heard her talking on the phone to one of her friends, it struck me how much we all (some of us more than others) try to manipulate our lives: our relationships, our reactions, our circumstances. In an attempt to appear as though we already knew what was coming, we come across as a Know It All. A controller.

It made me stop and wonder what is really wrong with not knowing.

By being surprised by life.

What is wrong with taking care of what we can and then letting Life surprise us with the rest. Wouldn’t that approach bring us more unexpected gifts? Wouldn’t it be nicer to find unanticipated bouquets of surprise around more of Life’s corners?

I remember asking my father-in-law…(by far the most laid-back person I’ve ever known)…one time, “What if that doesn’t work?”

His response?
“Then we’ll deal with that situation when and if it comes up.”

And that’s about it for him.
That’s the way he walks through life: just dealing with the facts (not the what-ifs) in front of him.
And not imagining what ‘worst case scenario’ might be potentially lurking around the next bend.

He has an arsenal of intelligence that will lend itself to many situations, so he is prepared.
But he doesn’t have to know what the situation is, every step of the way.

Thomas Merton:

“Simply to set aside all possibilities other than those which are actually present and real, here and now. And then to choose or not, as one wishes, knowing that no choice is a solution to anything, but merely a step further into a slightly changed context of other, very few, very limited, very meaningless concrete possibilities.”

Living an “Oh I Already Knew That” kind of life is exhausting.

I would like to be counted among those that live a little more along the “Wow; THAT was cool. And totally unexpected!” framework of life.

What are you gaining by ‘knowing it all’?
What are you losing by eliminating all potential for unexpected surprises?

Remember that Trust Fall?

Maybe it’s time to close your eyes, cross your arms and relax……


One thought on “Living an ‘I Told You So’ kind of life

  1. Could not agree with this post more — and believe we should all just take life… one breath and one surprise at a time! I don’t want to know it all…

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