but really.

You have no idea how much I’ve missed you. It’s been such a struggle to get the basics of work done in these last few months of moving. Unfortunately, my enjoyment of blogging had to take a backseat to packing tape, finding sheets for the bed, and juggling the research of grant writing for my clients (a paycheck is desirable, especially with the ridiculous added expenses of moving your household from one place to another.)

And before I forget it, I want to give a huge shout-out to Pack Rat moving pods. Seriously, those things ROCKED! We packed up our house earlier this year (the Pack Rat sat in front of our house for a month while we sorted through and carted the boxes out to the container.) I watched when they came to pick it up, and how they attached various lifts and lifted it straight up and then lowered it onto the flat-bed truck…never tipping it.

It was taken to a climate-controlled warehouse in North Kansas City – then when we were ready for it many months later, it was delivered to the front of our new house. It sat there a week while we unpacked it, carefully and purposefully (as opposed to “hurry up, we have to have this truck back by 6pm so throw the boxes anywhere!“)

Our boxes were still just as we packed them and their contents were completely unharmed.

Best moving decision ever. I HIGHLY recommend it! (and p.s. Had we needed to get anything out of the pod while it was in storage, they would have delivered it to our house for $25 and then come to pick it back up when we were ready.)

That said, I have missed reading the blogs that I enjoy. I’ve missed the inspiration I receive from those blogs as well as the motivation I receive from your comments to me. We have a good thing together, right?
Not long after moving in, Scott’s daughter, Haleigh and her friend, Sean, came to visit for a week. So next week is kind of our “this is when normal life begins” timeframe.

Life is never normal.
Nor predictable.
But I like planning for the week and knowing (for the most part) what to expect.

We have loved the location of our new place. We love that our friends will call and say, “Hey, I’m in the area…can we stop by?” We LOVE that about where we’re located. I love that Monica goes to church nearby and runs by here early on her way each week. I love that Greg lives within blocks and can drop by to help us move furniture (or when Karen is grocery shopping and he wants to just run by.) I love that it’s a meeting point for family on a regular basis. I love that we have built-in entertainment for out-of-town guests within blocks of our house – in any direction.

I love that plants have been 75% off at most shops lately so I can prepare the yard for next year – but equally love that we don’t have to care for our own lawn.

I have developed a love/hate/guilt relationship with all the joggers that go by every hour and have basked in the shade of our hundred-year-old trees.

We hate that our new sofa hasn’t arrived yet and very much look forward to the simple joy of being able to sit side by side on the couch and watch a movie.

I long for cool mornings that I can open up the doors to the screened-in porch, but also know it will be many months before that will be realized.

I love that our living room floor is big enough to spread out for yoga each morning.

I love that I have a large pile of books from the library that I know I’ll never read in time and hope that the vegetarian’s kitchen cookbook will lead to the simpler life we are embracing. The fact that the city farmer’s market is just a few minutes away, doesn’t hurt either!

I look forward to the mornings I can spend talking with you again on a regular basis.
I am soaking up life.
Yet I’ve missed you.

But really.


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